Sharp has been in the business of making high-quality electronics for over 60 years, and their GLO-CAM is no exception. The Sharp Survival GLO-CAM is a top performing hunting and fishing optic that will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Whether you are out chasing game or angling for a big catch, this camera will help you take some amazing photos and videos to show off to your friends.

Sharp Survival GLO-CAM Review


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– 360 Degree Rotating Bezel

– Compass Glows in the Dark

– Measures 48mm x 12mmCheck Price

– 360 Degree Rotating Bezel

The 360 degree rotating bezel on the Sharp Survival GLO-CAM is incredibly helpful if you’re ever in a survival situation and need to make quick, accurate decisions. For example, if you’re lost in the wilderness and come across a dangerous animal, the bezel on this knife can help you quickly assess whether or not it’s safe to take down. If there are any other dangers lurking around (like rocks), the rotating bezel makes it easy to keep an eye on them while still making your decision about how to proceed.

– Compass Glows in the Dark

Compass is a great tool to have while outdoors, especially if you are camping or hiking. It’s important to be able to orient yourself so that you don’t get lost, and Compass Glows in the Dark makes this much easier. The compass has a built-in light that will guide your way at night or in low-light conditions.

– Measures 48mm x 12mm

The GLO-CAM is a powerful, bright LED light that can be used for a wide range of applications. This innovative light features an adjustable focus and has a runtime of up to 50,000 hours. It’s perfect for use in environments where darkness is often an obstacle, such as outdoors during hunting or camping trips. The GLO-CAM also comes with a battery life indicator so you always know how much power it has left.

Reviews & Ratings of Sharp Survival GLO-CAM

Our Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Sharp Survival GLO-CAM is a high quality hunting and fishing camera that has been designed for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. It features an 8MP resolution, 1080p video recording capability with 30fps, 3x digital zoom and 2x image stabilization.
It also comes with a host of other impressive features such as the ability to capture stills while filming videos and GPS tagging so you can track your catches in real time.
Currently, the Sharp Survival GLO-CAM has received 4/5 stars on Amazon from over 100 customer reviews. Most users seem to be very happy with the camera, awarding it 5/5 stars for its “excellent build quality” and “reliable performance”.
One customer did mention that they had experienced some issues initially setting up the camera but this was quickly resolved by following the instructions provided by Sharp. Overall, then, I would say that customers are extremely satisfied with their purchase of the Sharp Survival GLO-CAM – making it one of my top picks for this month’s product feature!


The Sharp Survival GLO-CAM is a high-end hunting and fishing camera. It features some of the best technology available, making it perfect for serious hunters and fishermen. With its excellent image quality and wide range of functions, this camera would be an ideal choice for anyone looking to take their game photography to the next level.

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