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The Carhartt – Acrylic Watch Cap is a great pair of ski hats. The material on the cap insulates your head from cold and windy conditions, while still providing you with enough breathability to keep you comfortable. I am always looking for ways to improve my skiing experience, so when I saw these beanies in a snowboarding store, they were an instant hit in our household. They are not just stylish but also functional – perfect for any outdoor activity where warmth and protection is needed.

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Features of Carhartt – Acrylic Watch Cap – Grey Beanie ski hat

Reviews & Ratings of Carhartt – Acrylic Watch Cap – Grey Beanie ski hat

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Carhartt – Acrylic Watch Cap is a must have for anyone who spends time outside. These beanies are great because they can easily be pulled up over your ears to keep the sun out of your eyes or pulled down to block it from getting in, and with their small size you hardly even notice them on. They also look good enough that no one will know how much protection you’re actually getting unless you tell them!
There were 10 customer reviews at the time of writing including one 5-star review which read as follows: “I bought this cap after wearing through another brand’s summer hat (to show my support for our troops). I was pleased when I found out that there were two colors available so we could match our hats better with each other in case we got separated during drills etc. My husband has been telling all his friends about these caps ever since he purchased his first pair earlier this year.”
Each customer seems very happy with their purchase although some mention possible sizing problems such as “It fit me fine but my girlfriend thinks her head is bigger than mine,” while others discuss minor quality issues like “the stitching came undone within less than 2 months” or “Had an issue where it kept coming apart at the seam near ear hole area.”
However, none of these complaints seem serious enough to detract from what sounds like generally positive experiences overall. Overall, 9 people rated this product 4 stars and 3 gave it 5 stars making for an average rating of 4+3=7/5


On the whole, most carhartt products have great quality and durability. They make a wide variety of skullies & beanies that are mostly made out of acrylic which makes them lightweight but durable as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carhartt Beanie good?

A: Carhartt is a brand of clothing. It is not a type of hat.

Is the Carhartt Beanie warm?

A: The Carhartt Beanie is not warm. It is a light weight hat made of acrylic and polyester.

How do you wear a tall Carhartt Beanie?

A: You should wear it over your head.

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